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How to find your perfect wedding venue

Choosing a venue to get married can be tricky business and a daunting task. With so many options surrounding/in Christchurch & South Canterbury, it can be difficult to decide. So here’s how to narrow it down!

1. Create your guest list.

While many venues cater for all sorts of numbers, it’s important to find out if they can cater for your number. Find out the guest-count minimums and maximums for each of the spaces the venue offers.

2. Make a list with your venues priorities.

What’s most important to have at your venue? What are you “can’t-live-without ’em” items and non-negotiables? Is it being the only wedding that day, or that weekend, at your venue?

Is it outdoor space for your ceremony and reception, or having an indoor reception? Not one size fits all, so figure what you need and don’t need.

3. Budget

The average person most likely has a budget for their wedding. Knowing your budget will help weed out the too expensive venues and narrow it down a bit more.

When it comes to budget don’t skimp on the items that are extremely important to you, because you’re going to look back and wish you did it differently! At the same time be realistic, don’t feel the need to impress people.

4. Customer Service.

There are some things to consider when choosing or looking at venues. What is the customer service like, location, can people get there from nearby hotels, do they do catering,

will they help you pack up or down your reception & ceremony, is it accessible for older people? All these are important to look for when choosing.

No matter how stunning a venue may be, if you’re simply not jiving with their on-site coordinator or feel their customer service has been terrible, it’s probably not worth

booking the venue. These people are going to be at your wedding all day long, and it’s important that you click

5. Keep your photos in mind.

While there are some stunning wedding venues out there, you want to be careful when searching for the perfect spot to get married at. Make sure there is no back light

(Ie, no window behind either end of the aisle.)While this will look stunning in person. It looks too bright in camera, and will make you look like two dark people in front of a lot white.

Also make sure the venue isn’t to dark, as all cameras need sufficient light to create beautiful photos.