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How To Look Good In Your Wedding Photos

Worried about not looking good in your wedding pictures? Concerned about looking corny, awkward or just plain terrible instead of happy, in love, genuine and having the time of your lives?  Looking great in your wedding photos is an art form, but one your photographer should be able to accomplish easily and naturally. 
Having a huge camera pointing at you is anything but normal or natural. If you’re anything like me, you instantly freeze and start to feel slightly uneasy.

It’s totally normal that you’re feeling a little (very natural) nervousness as you think about the topic of your wedding photos. Most of the couples I speak to tell me they are nervous about their wedding photos. You are afterall spending a lot of money on images that you want to keep forever, from a day that you can’t re-do. You want to be certain that you choose the best wedding photographer and that you get the most from the experience – good looking photos full of fun and beautiful memories..


The good news is, it’s the photographer’s job to get those great photos! You shouldn’t have to put on a show or act differently from who you are. You are not required to “know poses,” to posture or perform in a certain way. Having stated that, there are things that both you and I can do to ensure the best outcome.

When you choose me as your photographer, I’ll make every effort to avoid awkwardness and encourage genuine laughter and smiles. But – I’m not going to lie, the first two minutes are just going to feel awkward. Accept that and move forward! I assure you that feel will disappear shortly, I’ve got you.


1. Even though it might seem obvious, you should hire a skilled photographer.
Find a trustworthy person whose work you admire! They’ll know how to pose you and give you instructions that highlight all your best sides. Look through their work and see if you can find couples that look similar to you in body shape, how are they photographed? If you’re concerned, ask your photographer how much editing they usually do. Some photographers only color correct their work, others will happily do some light airbrushing etc.

Consider sending your photographer a few of:

  • your favorite images of the two of you together. This will make it easier for the photographer to understand what you consider to be a “good photo” of you. Although we are often our own harshest judges, it’s ok to care deeply about our appearance! This will provide a reference image for your photographer of how you prefer to be captured.
  •  your favourite inspo photos you’ve found online (best if the photos feature couples with similar height and weight ratios to yourselves).

2. Do an engagement session.
You will become more at ease with your photographer and in front of the camera as a result. When you see how the pictures turn out (and hopefully they’ll blow you away), you’ll be able to unwind. You’ll become familiar with the poses and be able to enjoy being married without worrying about whether you’ll love the images on your wedding day.

I love shooting engagement sessions and include discounted sessions for my wedding clients. I ask you to favourite the photos in your engagement gallery so I know what kind of photos you like.


3. Let me know anything you’re self-conscious about

If you have any concerns about your looks, posture, facial expressions, or anything else of the sort, please let me know. Let me know if you have “a better side”.

Even though talking about your insecurities about your appearance can feel awkward or conceited, it is far preferable to be upfront about them. I can tell you straight up that I wish my eyebrows were a little straighter sometimes, hehe!

I constantly work to minimize anything you’re self-conscious about. But unless you tell me, I would never assume that you don’t like something about your appearance!



4. Posing

This is something that your photographer should be in charge of, tho I always love it when couples just try stuff. It’s crucial to pick a photographer that can get candid shots while also finding the most flattering positions for couples to look their best.

  • Your smile will appear more genuine and less corny if you smile with your mouth slightly open.     
  • Make each other smile. Be silly to obtain genuine laughs—you’ll be able to tell the difference! 
  • When laughing, lean slightly forward to prevent a double chin.   
  • A small gap between your arm and torso is more attractive and slimming than pressing your arms firmly against your body.
5. Connection Points

Throw a hand around your partner, whenever it is hanging by your side. Depending on where it naturally rests, you might lay it on their arm, waist, back, hips, shoulder, caress their cheek, or neck.

Make an effort to connect with your spouse as frequently as you can. Most of the time, we will make at least one point of touch, which may be as easy as holding hands.
You’ll appear more connected and in love if you have more points of contact and the closer your bodies are – usually!


6. Ignore me – a little anyway

Ignoring the camera entirely is one of the best things you can do sometimes, especially for the documentary-style photography I enjoy the most (and I’m assuming you do, too!)

I realize it’s difficult to ignore someone who is blatantly taking photos of you with a big camera. Especially while you’re expressing emotions, kissing, and other PDAs. Just keep your attention on your partner and your day. Additionally, it might be helpful no visitors are close, taking shots with their cameras. Unless of course you don’t care. 😉


7. Have fun

Don’t stress about strictly sticking to my “instructions.” The poses themselves are not what matters.

It will result in more genuine images if you feel comfortable expressing yourself. You don’t have to stand absolutely motionless for your wedding photos, in fact I try to incorporate lots of movement. Try to relax and continue moving. Laugh, talk, giggle and have fun. Nothing is off the table, there is no need to feel self-conscious. My favourite photos are always those where couples just have fun together.

We are not trying to make you look like supermodels and  it’s important to me that you appear and feel like yourself, just the best version of yourself – the beauty that most cameras miss.. So take it easy, let your photographer handle everything, and let them lead you through the process of getting natural, uncheesy wedding photos. with lots of spontaneous smiles.

Finally, remember that….you’re finally married! That’s fantastic! So take in every moment and breathe deeply. Enjoy this time and be present, because that will always translate on camera!  Photos remind us not only of a moment, but also of how we felt at the time! What was it like to marry someone you adored so much? Someone you’d put your life in the hands of? Someone you can’t wait to see in the morning? That is why a picture is truly worth a thousand words!  When you look back on your photos, you will see more than just photos of you getting married. You’ll see love, excitement and the depth of your devotion to one another.