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As a Dunedin wedding photographer and videographer, we can confidently say that getting married here is an experience like no other. From the stunning views of Otago Harbour to the unique culture and friendly locals, Dunedin provides a truly special atmosphere for couples who are tying the knot. Here are three reasons why you should consider having your big day in this beautiful city:

There is no shortage of breathtaking venues to choose from when it comes to saying “I do” in Dunedin. Whether you want something traditional or more modern and alternative, there’s something for everyone – from historic churches with amazing architecture to luxurious hotels overlooking Otago Bay – all providing incredible backdrops for your photos! Plus, if you’re looking for spectacular scenery that will make your wedding photographs stand out from others, Dunedin is the town for it!

Dunedin has plenty of activities on offer which makes it perfect if your guests are planning a longer stay after exchanging vows at one its many picturesque locations. Spend time exploring St Clair beach before heading into town where there’s always lots going on; whether it be catching up with friends over coffee or taking part in any number of cultural events happening throughout year ! And don’t forget about nearby attractions such as Larnach Castle & Gardens and the Peninsula too – these provide great photo opportunities so don’t miss them either!  

 Finally (and most importantly!), being married here means that when life gets busy again after all celebrations have finished up and everyone goes their separate ways back home…you’ll still have each other right by side living happily ever after amidst stunning natural beauty surrounded by warm hospitality every single day 🙂  So what better place could anyone ask for than this? Let me help capture those magical moments between two hearts becoming one forevermore within our wonderful city called ‘Dunners’ 😉

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Meet your new wedding photographer! Along with being a family enthusiast and a wanna-be plant whisperer, I specialize in capturing the magic of your once-in-a-lifetime event. My team of two photographers work together to ensure that every angle, emotion, and moment is captured in exquisite detail. We’re based in South Canterbury but travel all over New Zealand to make your dream wedding a reality. And as a special gift to you, we offer a free engagement session and luxury heirloom wedding album with every package. Let’s make your day even more amazing with exceptional photos that you’ll love for a lifetime!

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